A downloadable game for Windows

Hello everyone!

This is my first game. In Knight Scroller you get to fight with a dragon with your trusty sword and some magic. 

Hope you like it :)

Follow the on-screen instructions for controls. 

Knight Scroller was created using Game Maker 8. The assets were taken from opengameart.org. It's a brilliant website for free stuff!


Knight Scroller 2 MB


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It's a straightforward and simple fighting game. I thought the magic and sword were well balanced, you want to use both when playing. The visual style looks neat, so good use of the assets. I think this could also do well in our annual Game Development World Championship, if developer further.

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I made this game purely for testing purposes as I have a lot to learn. I will think about participating. Once again, thanks a lot!

Okay, good luck and thanks for your interest!